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At Camps Bay Retreat, we make sure that children of all ages have fun and mom and dad take some time to relax. Invited by the 4 acres of rolling gardens and selection of 2 swimming pools and a mountain pool, the property lends itself for ample exploration and outdoor fun.

Suite 6 allows for one child (up to the age of 14) to share with mom and dad. Bedtime comprises of a choice of either a cot or Daybed.

Spacious Suite 14 is fitted with two day beds that can sleep two kids up the age of 14.

Our spacious Suite 16 with its 3 bedrooms and spectacular views is perfect for families and also includes two daybeds, the Suite can sleep 8 guests.

Additional cost for either COT or Daybed are as follows:
The rates are inclusive of breakfast for all ages
01 October – 20 December 2018 21 December 2018 – 6 January 2019 07 January – 30 April 2019
Daybed (4-14yrs) R 1 375 per night R 2 000 per night R 1 800 per night
Cot (0-3yrs) R 200 per night R 300 per night R250 per night
Camps Bay Retreat Family Stays Father Son
Camps Bay Retreat Family Stays Kid With Dog
Camps Bay Retreat Family Stays Couple